Infant wrongful death in Tampa FL.

Generally, the birth of a child is a blissful occasion. But sometimes due to birth injuries and medical mistakes/ignorance, new born dies before birth or immediately after birth.  Causes which are involved in the wrongful death of newborn are now identifiable and can be treated. Therefore, if you suffer from any trauma of your infant’s death then it is suggested to you to contact our law firm of Percy Martinez, so that we could help you to minimise your losses and sufferings through pecuniary compensation. Percy Martinez is one the best and most trustworthy platform for personal injury lawyers.

Causes of infant’s wrongful death

Birth injuries that cause the infants wrongful death

1.Hypoxia (lack of oxygen)

This is the main cause of infant’s death. During the stress of labor, sometimes, unfortunately, the baby cannot get enough oxygen to survive, leads to death. Sometimes a baby gets trapped in the mother’s pelvic area, and causes oxygen deficiency.

2.Limited flow of bloods

For the development of the brain and other fundamental organs, excessive amount of oxygen is requirsed which our body obtain from continuous blood flow.  During birth, if the requirement of blood is limited for long time, organs of baby, especially heart and brain, collapsed due to low supply of oxygen, which mostly causes abnormal development or deat

3.Disturbing Birth Injuries

Difficult deliveries must be done peacefully by doctors.  When a delivery is complicated or a baby in stress, doctors must deliver the baby on an emergency basis.  Sometimes because of inexperience, lack of preparation or a simple mistake, doctors who come across with these emergencies act negligently. Use of vacuum extractor or forceps causes the excessive trauma to a baby, which can cause permanent injury or death.

Likewise, a cesarean section, inappropriately performed, can be lethal to the baby. An injury may occur to a child during the process of delivery. A birth injury usually happens owing to negligence.

4.Failure to determine the normality of delivery

It is one the most important and primary obligation of a doctor to determine the normality or situation of a delivery. He is to determine that the delivery may occur thorough normal process or not. After evaluating the situation the doctor has to ensure the delivery safe. But sometimes, doctors fail to perform the normal delivery owing to many factors. Therefore, he is liable to be sued in the court.

5.Medication Errors

The child or the mother may suffer from any of the complications later on. It is noticed that medication error after the safe and secure delivery has also damaged the life of an infant. It should bear in mind that adults can also be affected from the medication error but the newly born babies are more prone and vulnerable to the medication.

If such case happens to you, or one of your relatives, then come to an expert personal injury lawyer at Percy Martinez, so that your damages may be recovered as soon as possible. We can say it confidently that we will try our level best to get your damages recovered because we have a long and lengthy experience and expertise on such matters.


Most of the times, two sorts of conditions may happen with an infant.

  • The child may suffer from any of the congenital disease.
  • Any of the disease may happen soon after the birth of an infant due to any of the factors.

If an infant who has experienced any of the aforementioned problems, it is responsibility of the doctor concerned to diagnose the disease and to start the proper treatment of it.

Because there are chances that some of these diseases may be life threatening, if they are not cured on time.

Moreover, there are conditions, depending upon the circumstances of the case, that the doctor may not be held responsible because the signs and symptoms of the disease are not visible. But in many of the cases, it is considered as the main responsibility of the medical team to treat and diagnose the disease on time.

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