Arizona Standard, Extreme DUI And Aggravated DUI

In Arizona, DUI charges are complex. Many factors lead to felony DUI charges, with those often being considered as “extreme” or “aggravated” beyond a standard DUI case. The penalties for your DUI sentencing are determined by your crime’s severity. The levels of severity include misdemeanor, aggravated DUI, extreme DUI and even super-extreme DUI. Penalties of Arizona DUI conviction include: Jail or prison time Probation or parole Suspension or revocation of your driver’s license Mandatory use of an ignition interlock device in each of your personally owned vehicles Required expensive SR22 auto insurance Required driving school Community service Vehicle impounding Thousands… Read More

Arizona DUI Laws Are No Joke, Even For Your First Offense

Being charged with DUI in Arizona is no laughing matter, whether it is your first charge or you have been down this road before. In fact, the state’s DUI penalties are strictest in the nation. Being found guilty of driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol means you face a mountain of problems, including jail or prison time, financial penalties, career hardships, loss of rights and even lost relationships. When you face DUI charges in Arizona, you need a highly experienced criminal defense lawyer specializing in Arizona DUI laws. Some of Arizona’s DUI charges include: Impaired to the slightest… Read More

You Need An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

You have choices in Arizona when you seek a personal injury attorney. The sheer number of these choices makes finding the right lawyer difficult and confusing. But the last thing you want to do is jump into a personal injury claim with the wrong representation. You need experienced, focused and driven help. You also need a lawyer able to anticipate issues before they happen, one able to defend arguments effectively. What an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Does for Your Case Even before your claim is filed, your personal injury lawyer starts protecting your rights. Most injury victims have no idea… Read More

Infant wrongful death in Tampa FL.

Generally, the birth of a child is a blissful occasion. But sometimes due to birth injuries and medical mistakes/ignorance, new born dies before birth or immediately after birth.  Causes which are involved in the wrongful death of newborn are now identifiable and can be treated. Therefore, if you suffer from any trauma of your infant’s death then it is suggested to you to contact our law firm of Percy Martinez, so that we could help you to minimise your losses and sufferings through pecuniary compensation. Percy Martinez is one the best and most trustworthy platform for personal injury lawyers. Causes… Read More